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To analyze the SEO score, Yoast SEO Premium is considered the most reliable WordPress plugin and over 40 million downloads have been recorded. It is a robust tool that can provide a simple interface and suggestions to optimize the webpage. With the complete application of this plugin, you can attract more traffic to your website and win the race of ranking on all top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Most appealing features of Yoast SEO Premium WordPress Plugin

Redirect of broken URLs

With this Yoast SEO Premium nulled, get a complete solution for managing broken and active URLs. It automatically detects the crawling issues with pages and redirects the “Page Not Found” or 404 error to an active page to retain the interests of the visitors. This balances the website engagement and reduces the bounce rate which may hit the ranking.

Analysis of content readability

Get a comprehensive and descriptive analysis report for the content quality. It automates the readability score by checking it within some parameters according to ranking algorithms. The complete process is dynamic and does not need to refresh the page repetitively.

Suggestions for internal linking

Internal linking of all the webpages with each other is the ideal technique to engage the visitors and help the search engines to know the complete structure of the website. Yoast SEO Premium smartly parses each word of the webpage and then suggests the most suitable related page which can be linked with it providing relief from the brainstorming task of interlinking web pages.

Optimizes every keyphrase

Content is the king for top ranking in the search engines. This plugin can provide run-time guidance to optimize every keyword or keyphrase. It can provide a compiled report suggesting the accurate keyword density and stuffing score. You can check if the keywords and LSI words are naturally present in the content to get an idea about how the web crawlers will grade this content.

Manage Meta elements efficiently

This plugin has an amazing feature to manage the abstract information of the web page and tell the search more specifically about the web content. You can let the search engine know if the content is an article or product and who is the publisher of it with scheme.org codes. This will add more value to the content.

Auto-Generate Sitemap

A sitemap is an important aspect of a website guiding web spiders to crawl all the pages. Yoast SEO Premium Sitemap is an astounding option that can automatically generate the Sitemap XML file for the website. All the necessary information for sitemap including sub-sitemap, tags, pages and other taxonomies.

Suggestions for related keywords optimization

To widen up the approach to reach the audience, this premium plugin provides suggestions to focus on related keywords in the most natural way. This is a smart option to improve ranks in SERPs and add engaging content for variations of Keywords.

Page preview on Search engine and social media

The snippet editor of this plugin can preview the page details according to Social media users or Google users. See your preview on search results according to different devices. With this feature, you get to decide if the image fits well with the description and title in Social media beforehand. This is important if you want more hits and shares on your post.

Controls breadcrumbs

Sometimes it is time-consuming to manage the breadcrumbs manually due to various reasons. A post listed in many different categories will be displayed multiple times in different breadcrumbs. With Yoast SEO, you have the flexibility to set the primary category of each post.

Avoid Duplicate Content

This multi-tasking plugin offers a solution for duplicate content. Sometimes your content may appear on different pages and mark it as spamming for Google. This plugin provides code for the canonical link which resolves this issue and helps to set the primary content and its referential pages.

Up-to-date with changes in Google algorithms

To improve the user experience, Google and other search engines make changes in their ranking algorithms. With the same pace, this tool is updated to provide the best results and help in creating SEO friendly content.

Workable with all Editors

The plugin is simple, light and functional with all editors of WordPress. So choose your style theme and integrate it with Yoast SEO to get the best results. Grab your Yoast SEO license key today and start enjoying the perks of it.

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